Best Curry Takeaway in Craigshill Livingston

Best Curry Takeaway in Craigshill Livingston - RapChik

Looking to order the vest tasting curries ever? Order one from RapChik and you would taste something you have never tasted before. We take pride in serving our customers with genuinely authentic Indian Curry. We deliver to all areas in Craigshill, Livingston

Britain and India have a history together. Years ago many Indian settlements reached the UK to pursue a better life and they already found a market for their Indian curries in this part of the world. This made Indian Cuisine an integral part of the British lifestyle and a demand for Indian curries led to the rise of many restaurants serving delicious Indian dishes and authentic recipes here. With a similar idea, RapChik was started in 2020 to bring Indian Food closer to British soil and garnered the title of Best Curry Takeaway in Craigshill Livingston.

We are an Indian Restaurant that offers takeaway/collection services in and around Livingston. Our food menu boasts of authentic recipes that are hygienically cooked in our home kitchen. The menu has versatile dishes from every nook and corner of the Indian subcontinent and we have great varieties for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodies. Our food is simple and light sans any commercial hints and you find it relaxing and enjoyable after a tedious day at work. The dishes are made-to-order and we ensure that only freshly cooked meals reach our valued customer. We thrive at fulfilling their expectation from the Best Curry Takeaway in Craigshill Livingston

What Is Special About The Indian Curries?

It is a known fact that India is a land of spices and we at RapChik ensure that we only use spices imported directly from India so that we successfully deliver you an authentic aroma. These curies are enjoyed with rice or bread to give you a memorable meal experience. The curries are full of flavours and have a distinct taste that reflects the rich Indian heritage and their place of origin. Just, for example, Goa is a beach area with an abundance of coconut trees and so a Goan Prawn Curry is simmered along with coconut milk to give a regional touch to the dish.

Online Ordering

To make things easier for our customers we have an online ordering portal where you can place your order on our takeaway app or can choose to order over the phone. You can have a complete view of our menu on our app or on our website and can choose your favourite dish from the Best Curry Takeaway in Craigshill Livingston.

Quick Delivery

The Best Curry Takeaway in Craigshill Livingston always makes it a point that you do not have to wait for your food for long and this is what RapChik never fails at. Your food is right there at your door before you expected and you can have it warm and fresh straight from our home kitchen.

Affordable Pricing


We at RapChik serve food with a homely touch and so there is nothing commercial about the invoice too! You do not have to pay hefty invoices as you would have done if you ordered meals from any high-end restaurant. We have economically priced all our dishes so that you do not have to think about the pocket pinch before ordering from the Best Curry Takeaway in Craigshill Livingston.