Best Indian Takeaway Eliburn

Best Indian Takeaway in Eliburn Livingston - Rapchik

RapChik is amongst the most loved and said (by customers) to be the best Indian takeaway in Eliburn Livingston. Rapchik offers authentic desi style curries with mouth watering flavours. 

Food is a happy journey and RapChik promises to accompany you throughout! If your tongue craves Indian delicacies then no need to hire a curry chef, simply place your order at the Best Indian Takeaway Eliburn and enjoy incredible dishes straight from our home kitchen. With a widespread out menu, you are definitely spoilt for choices. Our made-to-order recipes are delivered warm and fresh to your door so that you satiate your hunger with all the good taste and aroma. Right from the tangy chaats, to traditional gravies, you can get it all at RapChik.

Being the Best Indian Takeaway Eliburn we never fail to satisfy our customers with the ultimate taste that they are looking for. We have ensured pure homely taste and no commercial flavours in our food, and this is what makes us apart from the other takeaways in Livingston. We have tried to bring you the same coziness and warmth that you would receive from this popular subcontinent. India is known to treat its guests with ultimate compassion and we at Rapchik follow the same hospitality that showers true integrity and gesture. And what other way to come closer to you apart from serving you the best meals and dishes!

Our Versatile Indian Menu

RapChik has tried to rise above the regular and bring something extraordinary for the people here. We have a varied menu and keep adding dishes from time to time. Our regular menu boasts of Satiable Starters, Mast Mumbai Street Food, Marvellous Main Course, Vainglorious Vegetarian Main Course, Rapchik Burger Van, Fantastic Fish And Chips, Sides and Drinks! Where would you find such versatility in a takeaway menu! We also keep coming with festive offers and occasional dishes to make the enjoyment special for you. You can rely on the Best Indian Takeaway Eliburn for all your celebrations!

Our Speciality

Apart from the famous Indian curries, we have tried to bring the unique taste of street food for our food lovers in Eliburn. You can now try a Gol-Gappa or a spicy Paw Bhaji platter and take a tour of the foodie corners of Mumbai streets. Our curries from all the regions of the Indian subcontinent give you the culinary hints of these places and brings you closer to the Indian culture. Furthermore, we have a special Burger section that takes you through the delicious Vada Pao varieties available in India. And yes, not to mention, all these recipes are given a healthy and hygienic twist at the Best Indian Takeaway Eliburn.

Ordering and Food Delivery


We have made arrangements for all sorts of online and offline booking where you can either download our app ( or place a telephonic order at 01506 79 58 58. We are quick to revert and confirm your bookings. All our dishes are churned in the most hygienic way and are made on order so that you get a fresh feel and spellbound taste. We deliver your order right at your door as it is all about convenience at the Best Indian Takeaway Eliburn.