Best Mexican Tacos Takeaway in Knightsridge

Best Mexican Tacos Takeaway in Knightsridge - RapChik

Best blend of Mexican Tacos with Indian Flavours serving Knightsridge and all surrounding areas of Livingston. RapChik offers top rated tacos, served hot and delicious right at your doorstep.

Takeaway in Knightsridge

If you are one of those seeking unpretentious soulful food, RapChik is the right solution for your cravings. The menu at our takeaway in Kinghtsridge is reassuringly restorative whilst strewn with few thrilling surprises. Be it our soulful Butter Chicken or Mumbai’s famous Fish Koliwada Taco, with just a bite you may feel deeply evocative. Going with Indian dessert is a triumphant way to finish your meal.

You must have heard the only good places to eat are curry houses. Now, think about it, when you get your favorite curries at your doorstep. Isn't it absolutely amazing? While every neighbourhood seems to have eateries in Knightsride, Indian foods are completely divine and make your stomach happy.

Regional Cuisine

Indian foods, of course, are a broad term due to the vast regional differences in the cuisine. At RapChik, we tend to divide as northern, southern, eastern, or western (there are even greater differences). Say you try our Mumbai Street foods one day, another day, you can enjoy lip-smacking Lucknowi Murgh Korma, then comes the Goa Traditional Prawns, which is famous for its spicy and tasty prawns and the list goes on and on.

Secrets Behind Flavours

All the flavours have travelled across the seas from India. In fact, this is the perfect blend where east meets west. Diving little deeper, our takeaway in Kinghtsridge includes spices and other cooking assortments from the rain forest of Kerala (South Indian state also known as the spice capital of India) to the high mountain of the Himalayas. Therefore, this ensures you get to experience the vibrant traditional food preparation. Also, the foods that we serve are highly nutritious and good for your health.

Home-Made Food

All the cuisine from RapChik are specially prepared using the traditional way of cooking. Additionally, we provide home-cooked food. Here we don’t prepare the way regular restaurant does. In fact, once we receive your order, we start the preparation process. This is why sometimes our preparation process may become longer. But with the use of the latest cooking material, RapChik can deliver your food at the right time.

For ordering food from our takeaway service, you can simply download our app or visit our website. Quickly order, and you can enjoy your favourite food within your comfort zone.

Know Our Chefs

All our chefs have years of experience in working at an Indian restaurant globally. Started their journey from a small town in India, our chefs have been lucky enough to learn some of the most complicated ways of food preparation. Likewise, with time, they learnt to understand the needs and wants of customers. As of now, our staffs are here at Knightsridge to let people taste the actual delicacy of Indian food varieties.


Undoubtedly Indian foods are full of spices and aromas. Yet people love our food. But that doesn't mean all our cuisine at RapChik cant be modified. In fact, we recommend customers to review allergen datasheet, in case they are allergic to some ingredient. Meanwhile, you can simply inform us via phone call, and we'll make sure your food tastes awesome.