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Indian Desi Street Food Mid Calder Livingston West Lothian RapChik

For the most loved Indian Desi Street Food in Mid Calder and Livingston areas of West Lothian, call RapChik. From Mumbai Vada Pao to North Indian Punjabi Fish & Chips, you get everything right at your doorstep. Hot and Delicious.

Takeaway in Mid Calder

The UK has undoubtedly longstanding link with Indian food. This is possibly due to the subtle flavours that traditional British cuisine offers as, in the past, species weren’t available. In fact, Indian food has been a part of British life since anyone can remember. However, first Indian food service started way back in 1810 by a man named Sake Dean Mahomed who is credited to bring Indian delicacies to Europe. Also, he was the same man to introduce shampoo to Europe.

Sticking back to the cuisine, Indian food has changed drastically over time. Likewise, there are still people who flock to taste the traditional Indian cuisine. RapChik is one of the leading takeaways in Mid Calder that offer traditional delicacies, maintaining the ambience of the taste.

More Than Curries

Absolutely, Indian takeaways in Mid Calder are known for authentic curries. However, Indian delicacies are more than curries. Spices are an important part of it but have you tried some of the tastiest street food that Indian delicacies has for you. If you have ever been to India, you must have tried the authentic Samosas (pronounced as Sah-Moh-Sah) also known as chickpeas pastry with tamarind sauce. Other snacks that'll probably make you eat until your tummy gets full includes Pakoras (pronounced as Pah-Koh-Rah), Gol Gappe (pronounced as Goal- Ga-Pay.)

Exceptional Taste

Indian cuisines are well-known for its awesome taste. While they are pretty unique due to all sorts of added assortments that are only found in India, these spices are the reasons why they smell absolutely divine. Next time you order your favourite Biryani from Indian takeaway Mid Calder, don't forget to asks for special chutney! Nope, not the tamarind one, the yoghurt (also known as Raita). These are actually taste enhancers which equally help the food to easily get digested.

Fresh and Healthy Food

At RapChik, we believe in providing fresh and nutritious food. We make sure that customers are more than satisfied with our service. You should also know that, unlike fast food store, Takeaway service in Mid Calder cook and prepare food only after a customer orders it. This is to ensure that the food retains its nutrition value and taste fresh. While snacks can be prepared before, but to maintain crispiness, we do it once our customer hits that order button. Also, we offer vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food as per the customer's requirement.

Quick Delivery

While Indian cuisine might not be at your place within minutes of order, isn’t it true that patience is bitter, but its fruit is always sweet. Also, all the orders get delivered to their address within thirty minutes of preparation. Meanwhile, if you are near us and want to go for takeaway, you can always drop in on one of our counters and receive your orders.


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