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Top rated Indian takeaway in Ladywell Livingston offering authentic indian curries in  west lothian scotland


“If food is the music for souls, RapChik knows how to strike the right chord!” Indian food is the ultimate solace if you are looking for a rich taste and tempting aroma. There is nothing that can replace an Indian gravy poured over a platter of rice! The different regions of this country have given us the gift of a versatile cuisine and RapChik has tried to bring the same for people here! Our Indian Takeaway Ladywell allows you to saviour the home-cooked meals at the comfort of your dining space and all the effort that you need to put in is to pick up your phone and place your order!

Our Culinary Expertise

RapChik was started in 2020 with a handful of trained chefs who were experts and masters with their wok and ladle. They knew how to bring delight to the faces simply through good taste and eyeful presentation. After serving the neighbourhood houses for a long and gaining appreciation and motivation, we decided to start serving people in different areas of Livingston. Here is how this Indian Takeaway Ladywell took off and in no time we are a part of every household now.

We started our service amid the pandemic breakout as we saw people missing cosy mealtime at top restaurants and so we came up with an idea to serve their favourite cuisine at their doorstep. Our intentions were purely to fill the missing gap and we have put in all our efforts to bring you home-cooked dishes from the remote household of India. Our cuisine choice was solely because of the popularity of Indian food in Livingston and the absence of a potential takeaway that can satiate your desire for taste and flavour.

What Makes Us Popular?

The reason that we have become the top recommendation of people is our food quality, our menu choice, the pricing and express service!

Food Quality

Being an Indian Takeaway Ladywell we knew that we cannot compromise on taste and so we decided to follow the authentic recipes with the same zeal and ingredients as done in primitive Indian houses. We directly import our ingredients from this “Land of Spices” so that you get what you expect. The freshly grounded masalas have no substitute and this is what draws people towards us.


Where would you find such a versatile menu in an Indian Takeaway Ladywell? Right from the Mumbai streets to the Nawabi palaces of Lucknow, you get a taste of every different cooking style. We have chaats, gravies, curries, bread, rice and all that you crave for! And yes, you do not have to shell out a bomb, it all under a budget!

Quick Service Delivery

An Indian Takeaway Ladywell promises to serve you at a lightning-fast speed and the moment you place an order, we revert and start with the preparations. Our chefs note all the special customizations and cook everything as per your choice. The seal packing ensures hygienic parcels at your doorstep!