Why Pizza When You Can Haggis Pakora in Kirkton

Why Pizza When You Can Haggis Pakora in Kirkton

Why Pizza When You Can Haggis Pakora in Kirkton. The Scottish tradition fusioned up with Indian Spices to make it the best of both. Order yours today!


Takeaway in Kirkton

The authentic taste of Indian cuisine has urged a number of takeaways to provide their service. Now, ordering you favourite Indian delicacy is easier with RapChik takeaway service. We are based in Kirkton, and we want our customers to experience the charm that our food has for you. Remember, all the assortments of species are directly shipped from the Indian subcontinent in order to maintain the food value and cooking tradition. RapChik provides you with a range of authentic Indian delicacies through its traditional food preparation method.

We help you satiate your hunger with a quick and easy food delivery system. All you need to do is download our mobile app.

Experience the Taste of India

RapChik aims to provide your favourite Indian dish items to your home. The Indian subcontinent is undoubtedly diverse, and our takeaway in Kirkton aims to facilitate you the specialities from each part of India. Be it spicy Butter Chicken from North India or delicious fish fries from the South, RapChik aims to let you experience the versatile dishes that India has for you.

If you are a street food fan, you’ve landed at the right place. Our takeaway serves some of the savouries street food that you'll possibly find anywhere. You can go for our snacks, starters or desserts we guarantee you'll fall in love with our food.

Fresh & Healthy Food Items

Indian dishes are spicy, but they are very healthy and nutritious. You should know that Indian people believe food as the best form of medication. Therefore, all the food that we offer at RapChik is freshly prepared and comes with high nutritional value. Similarly, the taste is outstanding too. However, if you are allergic to any dish, please speak to us, we'll modify the food like the way you want.

Know Our Chefs

All our chefs are trained to prepare the best Indian dishes. Having lived and worked in some of the finest restaurants and eateries in Indian and the UK, were are very much experienced about the choice of our customers. RapChik believes our chef has been appeasing customers due to their god-gifted culinary skills. Whether you want vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan, there is something special for you at our kitchen. Our chefs put every effort to make your day the best day.

Affordable Service

RapChik is more about spreading love than our business. Our sole aim as a takeaway in Kirkton is to provide Indian delicacies at the cheapest price. We also come with numerous rewards and coupons. Please refer to our social media pages i.e., Facebook, Instagram for offers.

How You Can Order?

RapChik is a leading takeaway service in Kirkton. We only serve fresh, authentic, home-made food. We strive to make your day memorable with the best Indian food. We deliver your favourite delicacies direct to your doorstep. Likewise, you can also collect your dish from our counter. For orders, you can either book your food from our website or download our mobile app. Whether your planning for a dinner date at your place or have lunch, we can perfectly cater to your needs.