Takeaway in Bathgate

Takeaway in Bathgate

We at RapChik understand the significance of great taste when exploring a cuisine. While your health is the foremost thing that matters us, our staffs ensure you taste the most exotic Indian menu sitting within your comfort. You must have come across a range of Indian delicacies, but at RapChik we want you to taste the finest dining opportunity specially prepared through the traditional preparation method. The secret to good food is not ingredients but absolute discipline and love. And, that's what our chefs at RapChik are well known for!

No, It’s Not All About Spices

When it comes to Indian food, most of the customers conclude rich spices; however, that's not at all true. Yes, any Indian takeaway in Bathgate would be proud of those mouth-watering curries with hot Indian spices, but if you want to explore more, you can further move ahead from the spices.

If you're are non-spice connoisseur, there is a solid list of delicacies you should try. In fact, these foods are some of the healthy food items and are prepared with zero species. Also, these foods are regularly consumed by most of the people of the Indian household. So, next time your order zero spice food from a takeaway in Bathgate here's the list

  • Idli
  • Vada
  • Dosa
  • Butter chicken or butter paneer
  • Tikka chicken
  • Gulab jamun

Low-Carb Indian Food

Are you on a diet? Well, when it's about Indian food, you can still taste some of the yummiest food without compromising with your body or taste gland. Most of the people think that tasty food is not healthy and vice versa.

Let us bust such myths, with some of the finest Indian delicacies we've got to offer you a ton at Bathgate. However, there are certain rules to maintain like ensuring minimal butter, oil or cream consumption when enjoying the food. 

The Dosa is one such food variety that benefits weight watchers. The food is super delicious, and it hardly consists of 85 calories per dosa.

Curries have a great significance in Indian meals. Moreover, fresh curries plucked from foothills of Himalayas keeps people there fit. Also, the flavour is exhilarating, and you'll love till the last piece. 

Know Our Chefs

RapChik takeaway service is inclined to provide the natural taste of Indian delicacies. Our chef-in-chief has been trained since a very early age in preparing traditional Indian food. You will be more than interested to know that our cooking style is one of its kind and have been passed from our ancestors. 

Moreover, you cant learn such skills in any institution. We guarantee you with exceptional Indian dining experience with our luscious food varieties. However, do not blame us if you fall in love with our delicacies.

We ensure a truly memorable Indian cuisine experience with some of the freshest food right at your doorstep. However, do not ask about the preparation recipe and if so, you'll have to join us.

Food at Doorstep


To taste some of the mouth-watering food varieties, all that you need to do is download our mobile app or call us and book and order, and one of our executives will be right at your place.