Top Indian Restaurant Murieston

Top Indian Restaurant Murieston Livingston

No we are not a Restaurant, but our food has been rated better than various restaurants by our customers. Our customers have sometimes refered to us as the Top Indian Restaurant Murieston Livingston

Food is just not a necessity for the appetite; it is the desire of the heart! A platter of a delicious meal can sparkle up a boring dull day! Whether it’s a celebration or an event, food is always an integral part. To enjoy different cuisines, you often try out newer restaurants and takeaways but only a few can impress you. If you are an Indian cuisine lover, then you must be curious to discover the Top Indian Restaurant Murieston and to your happy surprise, your quest ends here! We are RapChik and we are your Indian Curries partner in Murieston, Livingston!

Indian Food needs no introduction. Since its inception, it has been a favourite of people around the globe. The British culture has a deep-rooted connection with Indian cuisine since centuries back, and that bond is getting stronger with each passing day. The increasing Indian settlement here in the UK has led to the rise in the number of Indian Restaurants and Indian Takeaways in Livingston. But the food served at these places has undergone recipe alteration and the authentication is somewhat missing! RapChik was started in 2020 with an intention of being the Top Indian Restaurant Murieston that serves authentic Indian food in typical home-style cooking so that you get the real taste of the Indian culture.

Our Well Designed Menu

Enchanting Street Food 

Indian food is not all about curries. It's way beyond that! Indians cherish their street food more than anything else and so we have tried to bring that jazz in our menu with a separate section for Mumbai Street delicacies and the treasured Chaats. The Samosa, the Paw-Bhaji, the Gol Gappe, and the Dahi Chaats are irresistible Indian Street snacks and this Top Indian Restaurant Murieston brings you the traditional as well as the hygienic version of the same! So keep your quality concerns away!

Our Blissful Burger Van!

How many varieties of burgers have you tried? We have numerous choices for the Indian Burgers, famously known as Vada Pao in Mumbai city of India. These are differently cooked with a lot of stuffing variations. If you think it's similar to the ones that the western burger chains serve, you need to try out ours once, before deciding! 

Magnificent Main Course

Expect both vegetarians and non-vegetarian gravies from the Top Indian Restaurant Murieston. We are here to please every customer and the ones who refrain from meat and fish are given an equal opportunity to be delighted. All the dishes are freshly made to order so that you eat well and stay healthy. What makes our curries different are the use of fresh spices that are rich in aromas and flavours. We follow the traditional cooking process so that there is no taste compromise!

Quick Delivery

In the wake of this pandemic outburst, we want to give you all that you need to keep yourself and your family safe. You order from your comfort zone and relax while we deliver the fresh home-cooked meals to your doorstep. The seal hygienic packing ensures zero contamination during transit. Rapchik is here to shower love and compassion and you will surely adore the food from this Top Indian Restaurant Murieston.