Traditional Homecooked Food Almondvale

Traditional Homecooked Food Almondvale - Rapchik

For the real taste of traditionally homecooked food made with love and patience, try Rapchik today. We are based in Livingston not very far from Almondvale, serving hot and delicious, old traditions based recipes to our customers in local areas of West Lothian.

Looking for a home away from home? Rapchik brings you the most authentic and Traditional Homecooked Food in Almondvale that is hygienically prepared in our home kitchen. We believe in delivering the best taste and warmth that builds a stronger bond each time you take a bite from our menu. We avoid the use of any commercial factor in our cooking so that you get a homely feel and abundance of love. With our carefully designed food menu, you get pure Indian essence from the remote Indian household. Our motto is to spread love and integrity through food!

What Makes Us Different From The Other Takeaways?

Believe it or not, we never aimed at establishing a commercial food joint where it's all about making a profit. Our main mission is to bring Indian culinary expertise on the soil of Livingston so that people get a fair glimpse of the rich Indian cultural heritage and a feel of the royalty through our food taste. Just like a family member would cook for you, RapChik does the same and brings you the impeccable Traditional Homecooked Food in Almondvale. Our taste and hospitality are not easy to forget and you can have great family time by simply gorging on our dishes.

Indian Delicacies With Regional Diversity!

India is a vast country with diversified food tastes ranging from North Indian Curries to South Indian Rasam. The diaspora has also given birth to some fusion dishes with a mild cultural twist. For example, the Goan cuisine showcases hints of Portuguese food style owing to a large Portugal settlement in the area.  Rapchik has tried to sum up all the different elements of the craved-for Indian Cuisine and has come out with its own unique version of the traditional recipes. They are authentic as well as hygienic. If we say, Traditional Homecooked Food in Almondvale, no compromises on that count!

Quickest Food Home-Delivery!

The one thing that RapChik is proud of is that we never keep you waiting for long! We are quick to revert to your orders and accept all the customizations placed. You can order online on our mobile app or can place your order through the phone. We start to prepare the food, once we confirm the order and in no time the parcel is there at your door. Traditional Homecooked Food in Almondvale has to be fresh, warm, and thrilling and we understand that! Our express delivery ensures that your parcel reaches you before you expected.

Hygenic Cooking


When we talk about Traditional Homecooked Food in Almondvale, we mean complete hygiene and cleanliness. Special care is taken of the cooking environment and absolute safety is observed. The ingredients are procured farm fresh and the spices are directly imported from India to give you that authentic taste and aroma. The seal packing avoids any contamination during the transit and you get what you are promised. RapChik is the first recommendation of the people in Almondvale and if you are looking for conventional home food, you must give us a try!