Yummiest Takeaway in Livingston Village

Yummiest Takeaway in Livingston Village - RapChik

We are proudly referred to as the Yummiest Takeaway in Livingston Village by several of our customers who happily order from us on an ongoing basis. We are situated very close to Livingston Village, and serve all residents in the area.

Takeaway in Livingston Village

If you are wondering where to find the best Indian takeaway service in Livingston Village, RapChik is the best option for you. We offer a wide variety of Indian delicacies. Now your favourite dish is just a fingertip away. Undoubtedly, Indian cuisine is massively tempting, but when you have the option to order home-cooked food, meals come tastier and nutritious.

At RapChik, our primary concept is to provide healthy and nutritious food. We use the traditional form of preparation method to retain all the food value and cut the risk of any contamination.

Personalized Option

At times, Indian food can be spicy. But that doesn't mean you need to stick to it. Our takeaway in Livingston Village can provide you with food variety as per your preference. We have several customers who are particular about their food variety. We are here only to serve you the most authentic version of Indian delicacies. All you need to do is inform us about your preferences, and we'll get you what you have been craving for.

Variety of Dishes

RapChik offers a range of option for customers looking for delectable Indian dishes. We help customers choose our best menus. If you're new to the Indian cuisine, don't hesitate to seek our help. If you want to try our snacks, you can go with our Punjabi Fish n Chips, for the main course, Butter Chicken or Chicken Tikka Masala is the best, or you can try mouth-watering Mumbai Street Food. Our food varieties will make you want more.

Why RapChik?

You might have come across numerous takeaway in Livingston Village. However, RapChik has something that none other can provide. We don’t prepare food for the sake of business, we prepare it with utmost love and care, which we believe we spread through our food. We provide hygienic and home-cooked food for our customers. We are here only for the satisfaction of our customers. Over time, RapChik has been loved by customers for its healthy, clean and nutritious delicacies.

Quick & Affordable Service

RapChik allows you to communicate the delivery time of the ordered food. Generally, a normal order may take 20-30 minutes once it's prepared. We offer doorstep delivery. All our food items are very affordable. You can pay using any of the online modes while placing order. For that, visit our website or download our mobile app.

Allergen Datasheet

RapChik being a leading Livingston Village Takeaway service ensure that customers know the food well. For customers with allergic contraindications, we inform them about the ingredients in dishes. In case you fall under such category, we recommend checking our datasheet. Further, you can directly speak to us. Our chef will modify your dish but retain the taste. We help you enjoy your favourite delicacy.

Enjoy the Real Taste

RapChik offers you the real taste of India. Our chefs have years of knowledge and understand about Indian culinary styles. We, therefore, assist you to experience the ultimate taste from our country. Now don't wait and get your favourite dish onboard!