Enjoy Mumbai Street Food in RapChik Style

Mumbai Street Food

Hawkers across the Indian subcontinent sell street food from their portable selling stalls. Mumbai has some distinct characteristics that make their people relish food with utmost joy under the sky. While the tradition of selling spicy and tasty food is common throughout India, Mumbai street food holds an edge, as the economic class and the high-class people of the city relish the food.

Mumbaikars enjoy a small bite of snack on the road during the evening. While you visit the city, you can notice that their people believe in cutting through barriers of religion, class, gender, and ethnicity passionately. Mumbai's street vendors receive high credits for developing the food culture of other cities, as they have successfully lived up to their quality and food standards that have garnered all kinds of people irrespective of religion, class, and tradition. 

At RapChik, we live up to the same believe and try our best to make the local people fall in love with Mumbai street food. For this, we came up with the best street foods from Mumbai. Traditional Vada Pav with Fried Chilly, Gol Gappe or Pani Puri, Samosa Paav with Chilly, Dabeli Pav, Pav Bhaji or Bun Curry, Batata Wada Chaat, Dahi Samosa Chaat, Extra Paav Buns, Poori Bhaji, and Samosa Chaat (Veg) are some of the best options of Mumbai street food on our menu.

Here we enlist a few key features that our restaurant follows that will surely make you awe and opt for our services. 

Good Hygiene 

Hygiene is a vital element that we look up to in our home kitchen. Our staff ensure that the kitchen is always clean. We always live up to the hygiene standards while preparing the food for our valuable customers. Our practice of the best hygiene behaviour allows us to build a good customer foundation and our credibility in the market enhances to a good level. 

Fast Takeaway Time

An instant takeaway is an important factor for customers who prefer to order Mumbai street food from our outlet. At RapChik, we ensure that all the takeaway orders are handed over to our customers without making them wait at the counter. We start with the food preparation as soon as we receive the order so that as you arrive at the takeaway counter, we can hand you over the food parcel. 

Flexibility in Food Preparation

If you are allergic to some food ingredients, you can inform us in advance. We would replace those with some other ingredient or avoid them while maintaining the dish's taste. Moreover, we are highly flexible when taking food orderings. You can either place your order online or just give us a call, and we will start preparing your food. You can also email us for placing your order, and we will call you back for confirmation. 


Hurry up and order your favourite dish on our Mumbai street food menu!