Livingston Takeaway: How RapChik Equals Home Cooked Food

Livingston Takeaway

With many options of ordering food from a top Livingston takeaway, it must be tempting for most people to place an order for their favourite food online. Keeping this in mind, we at RapChik came up with the idea of providing home-cooked meals via our Livingston takeaway. 

We adopted strict rules for using only healthy and fresh ingredients in our food. Moreover, we ensure that all our chefs adopt hygienic cooking procedures and avoid contamination during the preparation. We ensure to adhere to the food safety norms and maintain relevant social distancing during parcel collection at the takeaway counter and delivery of food to our customers. 

Here, we are enlisting some of the reasons why we emerged as one of the most popular Livingston takeaways. 

  • Connection with Home Cooked Food

We ensure that our customers connect well with the home-cooked food. We serve 100% Indian dishes prepared traditionally at the Livingston takeaway. We use authentic Indian spices, which offer you a homely feeling and taste. Moreover, our food contains zero colour and no added preservatives, which imparts the actual taste of traditional Indian cuisine. 

Butter chicken and roti (Indian flatbread), chicken gravy and pea rice, chicken lollipop and several Indian sweet dishes such as Gajar ka halwa and few other crucial food preparations in our menu are sure to please your palate. 

  • Focuses on Calorie Intake

We focus on the quality and quantity of ingredients that go into preparing the food. It helps you in checking your calorie intake. Besides, all our talented chefs adopted a healthy way of cooking. Hence, you can rest assured to receive excellent food quality on each order at the Livingston takeaway.

  • Enable Personalization Option 

We even prepare personalized food to the demands of the customers. A customer might be allergic or intolerant to certain ingredients in food, which we omit or replace with a healthier option. However, you need to inform us if you want to add any specific ingredient to the dish. Even if you are allergic to some ingredients, please let us know when placing your order with us. 

  • Saves Time While We Prepare Your Order

We ensure to save time, energy and money for those customers who cannot cook due to immense work pressure and often look for the best quality homemade food. Opting for top Livingston takeaway is an effective solution if you are looking for a healthy and low-calorie meal regularly at affordable rates. We charge not only reasonable costs but also provide good quantities. 


Are you craving healthy Indian food? Wait no more! Place your order today, and enjoy our freshly prepared home-cooked food.