Satiate Your Hunger Cravings with Food Delivery Livingston

Food Delivery Livingston

Do you yearn for some mouth-watering home cooked Indian street food? You can turn your cravings for homemade fresh food to fulfilment by availing food delivery Livingston, the first branch of RapChik.

RapChik is a popular takeaway joint in the natural Scottish environment in Livingston.We have gained popularity for serving you freshly cooked Indian dishes. Our takeaway is strikingly different from others as all ourdishesare prepared in a home environment, flavoured with the same freshness and care you had enjoyed in India only.

What Is So Rapchik About the Takeaway Rapchik

The name of the take away originates from two words- Rap and Chik, coinage from an Indian language, means ‘awesome’. Keeping parity, our professional approach for food delivery Livingston always serves you the best quality Indian street food, maintaining the freshness and authenticity in taste. The freshly cooked dishes prepared traditionally in our kitchen enable you to relish pure Indian street food that reminds you of a friend or family in your homeland. See, we are here to take your food experience to the level of ‘simply awesome’.

Quality and Authentic Taste

We at RapChik ensure to never compromise on the quality of food we serve you. We use fresh ingredients, spices, and herbs to create that authentic aroma and taste in each dish we prepare in our kitchen.

Takeaway Parcels

The parcels contain a sufficient quantity of food, specially wrapped to maintain the genuine taste and essence of the dishes.                                                                        


Customer satisfaction being our pre-eminent goal, we offer you various delicacies at a customer friendly cost.

Various Food Options

You can go for various snack items made of chicken, lamb, pork, or beef including Punjabi Fish N Chips, Hand Pressed Beef Burgers. You relish our Bombay Bad Boy, Salted Chips, and Traditional Vada Pav too. Your dinner becomes more delicious with our Dal Makhani or Punjabi Tarka Dal associated with lamb Bhuna or Butter Chicken or Pork Vindaloo or 3 course Paneer Combo from food delivery Livingston.  


You can place online orders by downloading RapChik App or can order over the phone too. Our love and care for you inspire us to serve home cooked the best quality dishes.