Satiate Your Taste Buds with Traditional Indian Combo Meals

 Indian Combo Meals

Owing to their diverse nature, Indian food is highly popular. A variety of spices, foods & dishes that are completely native to India makes the traditional Indian combo meals one of the wholesome foods in the globe. Here in this article, we will talk about the Indian combo meals that are highly popular in India and loved by a huge section of individuals in the UK too. 

Know What Indian Combo Meals Are?

Indian combo meals are a combination of 2 or 3 items in a meal. Usually, it is a misconception that combo meals are just served in fast food joints and are generally junk in nature. However, combo meals in the Indian diet are not junk and are generally a complete and balanced meal. The food that is served under Indian combo meals is a combination of vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibres, etc. They also have veg or nonveg curry preparation with homemade bread or rice or both in the same thali or plate. 

Note, some of the combo meals are also served as snacks as chicken pakora clubbed with a chicken lollipop or any other snack. At RapChik, we focus on home cooked food delivery in Livingston, Scotland. We have 5 traditional Indian combo meals on the menu.

You can have fish n chips combo, pakora combo, 3 course chicken combo, veg 3 course paneer combo, and veg 3 course daal combo; under our Indian combo meal food items.

Food Covered Under Fish N Chips Combo and Its Price

This combo has a portion of Amritsari Punjabi fish along with chips, plum mayo dip, spiced onion dip, and a 330 ml coke. The price of the fish n chips combo is £ 10.99. 

Food Covered Under Pakora Combo and Its Price

This combo contains authentic flavours of haggis pakoras, chicken lollipops, chicken pakoras & fish taco with 330 ml coke. The price of the pakora combo is £ 13.99. 

Food Covered Under 3 Course Chicken Combo

This combo contains a portion of butter chicken, haggis pakora, Gulab jamun, and some rice with 330 ml coke. This combo of 3 course chicken is priced at £ 18.99. 

Food Covered Under 3 Veg Course Dal Combo

This combo consists of 2 veg samosas, naan bread, dal makhani, 2 Gulab jamun, and 330 ml coke. The price of the combo is £ 14.99. 

Food Covered Under 3 Veg Course Paneer Combo

This combo includes 2 veg samosas, a portion of paneer makhani, Gulab jamun, naan, and 330 ml coke. The price of it is £ 15.99. 

Above we have mentioned all the details of our combo meal options, which we promise to deliver you at home between 4 pm and 10 pm from Monday to Saturday.


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