Takeaway in Bathgate: Why Rapchik Is Equivalent to Home Cooked Food

Takeaway in Bathgate

With numerous apps out for takeaway in Bathgate, it may be massively tempting for most to order food from them. Keeping this in mind, we at Rapchik came up with the concept of offering home cooked food through our takeaway in Bathgate

While most of the restaurant meals contain numerous unhealthy ingredients, we being true to homemade cooked food ideology, ensure not to use any unhealthy ingredient and preservatives. Also, we maintain a hygienic cooking environment so that we can avoid any contamination and ensure to deliver healthy and safe Indian food. 

Here We Are Listing Few Key Reasons Why You Should opt For RapChik, the Preferred Takeaway in Bathgate:

  • We Endow You with A Good Chance to Reconnect with Home Cooked Food If You Are Craving for It Since Long

The food we serve to our consumers is 100% Indian, cooked in Indian spices with no added preservatives or colour. Our food is sure to give you the feel of a home. Peas Rice with chicken gravy, roti and butter chicken, chicken lollipop, and various Indian desserts like Gajar ka halwa, etc. are some of the food items on our menu that are sure to meet the taste of every Indian as well as those who are Indian food lovers.

  • You Can Keep Check of The Calorie Intake

We also can provide our customers with the quantity and quality of ingredients used in each food item so that you can keep a check on your calorie intake. Also, we maintain a healthy way of cooking, so you can be sure of having good food. 

Ensure to Save Time and Crucial Amount for Those Unable to Cook Owing to Work Pressure but Are Looking for Home Cooked Food Daily:

Our takeaway in Bathgate can be one of the best solutions for those who are looking for low calorie or regular home cooked food regularly at a reasonable cost. We not only charge a genuine amount but also ensure to provide consumers with heavy quantities. 

  • Allow Personalisation Option

As per the customer's choice, we also offer the option of personalization. We can customize/personalize a particular food item as per your request. However, you should ensure to inform us about the personalization before preparing the food for you. Most probably make sure to inform us about the customization an hour before we prepare the food for you.


The above points that we have mentioned are key points that are best for our abilities. Note, we have a wide range of dishes mentioned on our menu, which are Indian. A few of the most relished and tried dishes at our takeaway in Bathgate are chicken tikka taco, chicken pakora, and fish koliwada taco.


Hurry!!! Check Out Our Menu Now to Place Your Takeaway Order and Enjoy the Indian Delicacy.